What’s with the Sucky Food Capt Airport?

I normally try to bring food from home with me when I travel, but when you’re flying cross-country it is sometimes hard to bring enough.  My partner jests, “well, maybe if you didn’t take 7 books with you.”  Ha-ha…funny guy.  Even so, why when I decide to get food at the airport are there ‘rarely’ any good healthy options?  I never know where this food is coming from?  And there are hardly ever any gluten-free options.  WTF?

Today I ended up settling on a salad with tuna from Spring Fresh Salads.  It tasted like bland cat food.  I know, I should have known better on the tuna, but it’s my favorite protein and I was quite hungry with a few more plane hours to go.  (I won’t even get into airline snacks.)  So again, what’s with the lacking airport food options?

I got thinking about it as I ate my bland cat food…  Airports are striving to be greener – greener buildings, better energy efficiency, recycling, and even compostable packaging in some.  Why haven’t they applied the same standards to their food?  So many people fly and thus have to eat bland cat food like me.  They’re already charging you so much for it; they might as well make it healthy, sustainable and taste good.  Why can’t they have mini farmer’s markets like they have on highway rest stops?  Sure they’d have to approach the business model a little differently, but think of the health, social & environmental impact that could have.  I’d buy some fresh kale from a local farmer’s market at the airport.  I love eating raw kale, brussels sprouts, turnips…I could go on and on.

What do you think?  Do you think we could use more healthy, sustainable, local, gluten-free and tasty food options at our airports?

Resilient Mindset

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